Temporarily Closed – Starting Monday, March 16th

Due to the estimated numbers of those potentially infected with the COVID_19 virus, how infectious this virus is, how easily it is passed, its fatality rate, and serious lack of tests, we felt it wise for the benefit of everyone’s health (the general public and staff), that we temporarily stop operations for an indefinite period. We would rather err on the side of caution than be the source of anyone’s illness. Today (Sunday March 15th, 2020) will be our last day of operations.  We will Freeze all EFT membership free of charge and halt date advancement on all prepaid memberships on Monday, March 16th. EFT members will be issued a pro-rated credit for the rest of this month that will be applied to next month’s charges. Dates on all membership will resume when we reopen, AND WE WILL REOPEN!! By orders of the State of Ohio, we are closed until state orders are lifted. However, this may change or be extended. Following us on social media (Instagram and FB) is your best way of keeping up to date.

Our customers and members mean the world to us; your family’s health and safety are paramount to all of us here. We value that more than profit. We will miss you and hope that we all come through this a bit wiser and healthy as can be.

I will be answering questions during the closure via email at info@urbankrag.com, Facebook, and Instagram. Please be patient with our response. I will return your correspondence.

Be safe, take care of each other and we hope we see you soon.

From the staff and management of Urban Krag



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