Re-Opening under COVID

We are reopening on June 1st at 5PM for Members Night. The public is invited to join us anytime after June 9th at 3PM. Since we are going to allow 45 visitors at a time, we will be putting a live counter on our website.  Please check this counter to see the best times.

Please read out Covid Policy below before stopping in.

COVID Precaution Policy (Revised: June 21, 2020)

As the rate of infection increases or decrease, our COIVD policy may change with little notice. Notices of changes to policy will be posted ASAP on our website, via our email system and social media. Putting alert notices on any of these methods would be greatly appreciated and would avoid any inconveniences.

Please stay home of you are sick or have been exposed to someone known to have been infected.

Masks/Facial Coverings
Masks and facial coverings are required and must be worn your entire stay. Admittance will not be granted without one. The only exception is with a written doctor’s excuse which must be presented if requested by staff.

COVID Safety Orientation
ALL climbers will go through a short COVID safety orientation which are held every 15 minutes. you cannot climb until you have gone through this orientation. Climbers are asked to wait on the observation deck, maintaining social distance until the next orientation is held.

Check-in and Check-out
For tracing purposes, the state may want to know who has been here, how long they stayed and who they interacted with. Therefore, all customers who are leaving for the day, must now check-out at the front desk. This will also be used to prevent overcrowding.

Belay Certifications
Belay certifications are held on demand, Tuesday through Sunday from opening to 2 hours before closing. No appointment is necessary. Register Here.

NO loose chalk, NO chalk pots, DO NOT share chalk.

Water fountain
The water fountain is not to be used orally but can be used to refill your bottles.
Please come prepared.

Returning Rental Equipment
Rental Equipment MUST NOT be handed to staff. Please return equipment as directed by staff for disinfecting.

For pre-certified roped climbers and bouldering only.

Only credit and debit cards will be accepted for payment. No signature will be required.

Social distancing
We ask that all our customers be aware of their surrounding while climbing and practice social distancing of 6’ as recommended by the CDC.

Use hand sanitizers or wash your hands in our restrooms for a minimum of 20 seconds as recommended by the CDC between climbing AND belaying.

Frozen Memberships
All EFT Memberships will be UN-Frozen on June 1st.

Pre-Paid membership will begin on the day you return. Pre-paid memberships will be extended accordingly.

Potential Future precautions.
*Reserved Scheduled climbing with a 2-hour maximum
*Website based “people counter” (im working hard on this one).
*Membership only customer base
*Liquid chalk
*No Cubby and Lockers storage
*No rental equipment
*Individual Temperature readings to gain access
*Additional closure due to extensive cleaning
*Additional State ordered closures

Politeness and consideration will greatly reduce the spread of COVID-19, it’s also just a good way to be for the benefit of everyone in these new strange days.
Your cooperation, patience and understanding are greatly appreciated during these uncertain times.


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