Group Outings

Group Requirements

To qualify for group rates, your group must:

  • Have between 15 and 25 climbers
  • Chose a time for your visit – Monday – Friday 11am-2pm.
    • We apologize, but do to volume and safety concerns; we no longer allow groups during weekend hours.
  • Make reservations a minimum of 10 days in advance
  • Make $50.00 non-refundable deposit
  • Have all waivers completed upon arrival. If you are a minor (under the age of 18) you will need to have a parent or guardian sign a waiver for you, which you can view and sign here.
  • Eighteen (18) and over you will need to fill out our Digital Waiver Form.
  • Have a minimum of one person belay certified for every four climbers

Belay Certification Requirements

  • Belay certification fee’s are $10.00 prior to day of event (with 3 day advanced reservation) or *$15.00 day of the event.
  • Maximum of 4 students per class.
  • The minimum age to belay is 14.
  • Your group must have at least one person belay certified for every four climbers. (To Belay is to spot the climber via rope management)
  • *Only exceptions are groups traveling more than 50 miles.

Method of Payment

  • Full Payment is expected before you leave the facility.
  • Payment will only be accepted for the total sum of the group.
  • If you are a non-profit organization, please provide your 5013-C number on organizational letterhead.

Price Menu as of 10/1/2019

  • Price includes 3 hours of gym time.
  • Climber………………….…. $16.00 (shoes and harness included)
  • Belay only…………………..FREE! (No equipment required)
  • Belay certification……….$10.00 prior to group’s arrival date (*$15.00 the day of the event).
  • Chalk bags …………………$2.00 (optional)
  • Helmets……………………..$1.00 (optional)

Please read this information carefully. Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. By following these requirements your group will spend more time on the wall and less money out of your pockets.

Group Information

Download Helpful Ideas Here and Group Climb Sign-Up Sheet Here

We created this group help page to take some of the hassle out of organizing the group. We understand it takes a bit of work, but there’s no point making it any harder than it has to be. We don’t intend to over load you with information; we are trying to address the most commonly asked questions from folks looking to bring in a group.


Shortly before the group has a meeting, give us a call at the gym to find out what’s available, or bounce ideas off of us for dates you have in mind. We are usually pretty busy with groups from November thru March so it’s a good idea to start your planning early if you are looking to book a group during this period. Please give us a call as soon as you have a date in mind. A $50.00 deposit is required to reserve a group visit. The deposit is applied to the total bill for the group visit.

Sign Up

More often than not, groups show up with fewer climbers than they reserved the space for. It sounds like a great idea at the time, and it is, but many times the kids say yes before thinking about their personal and family obligations. Having them get the waiver filled out and making payment will, for the most part, make them consider other responsibilities going on in their lives. By using the sign up sheet and the checklist it makes our job and your visit much easier and more enjoyable. The minimum number of climbers for group rates is 15; this is also the minimum charge. So if you show up with 7 or 6 climbers you will be charged for 15 climbers. Sorry we don’t take reservations via e-mail or from the kids in the group. Adults leading the group must make the reservation.


At the bottom of the sign up sheet we have little reminder tabs for kids to take with them. Simply cut along the vertical lines before posting so that they can tear off the reminder and take it with them. Minors must have signed consent from their parents/guardian on the Urban Krag waiver. We cannot take a hand written note, or a phone call from the parent/guardian. It must be a parent/guardian signature on the Urban Krag Waiver and be witnessed by someone of legal age.

Belay Certifications

This is all the safety stuff, how to tend the rope, tie the knots and so on. Its not difficult but it does need to be done properly. Certifications usually take about 30- 45 minutes for 2 folks. We take our time to make sure you have full understanding of proper procedures so this time may vary. Classes are held on demand from opening to 2 hours before closing every business day with the exception of Monday. Its recommended you give us some notice for a group certification (no more than 4 at a time please). We have structured our prices for belay certification ($10.00 before the day of the event, $15.00 day of the event) to encourage you to get that done in advance of the group’s arrival. No one can climb until they have a certified belayer to tend the rope for them. By getting your certifications taken care of in advance, more time is spent climbing and not waiting on certifications to be completed.

The Big Day

When your group shows up, all paperwork will be double-checked and equipment issued by UK staff. The Certified belayers from your group will fit the climbers with their harnesses and shoes. Once everyone is fitted, one of our staff members will sit everyone down and give a little safety talk. Basically the dos and don’ts of safe climbing and a few etiquette tips. After this we double check the harness and then we watch. Making sure everyone (climbers and belayers) is doing what is necessary to be safe.

Check Out

This is where the sign up sheet comes into play again. By using the sign up sheet it’s easy to keep track of who is certified and who isn’t, whom you have collected money from and who hasn’t paid. This is great for us too, especially when it comes to ringing you out. It helps to crosscheck information and make sure charges are correct.

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